Mental Fitness Ireland

Mental Fitness Ireland is the Irish arm of Mental Fitness for Life and was born out of the vision of a world where everyone  has essential life skills ( thinking – learning – behavioral – communication ) empowering them to live life happily, productively in a way that is meaningful & full-filling.
These empowering life skills are out there and we have been collecting and integrating them for many years now. We want to make them available to everyone who is interested – delivering them in small bit size chunks – short, impactful, powerful training days and at an affordable price ( 150 per day before discounts – we also offer a scholarship so that 2 people per training day can train at a highly reduced rate if they cannot afford full price  )
We are so proud to have founded and developed  Mental Fitness for Life
Check the schedule page to find out about our next training dates
Hopefully see you at a training day soon