My primary motivation for undertaking the NLP licensed Practitioner training with AlpaZone NLP Training Academy was professional. Basically, Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you super practical , easy to implement, tools to facilitate streamlined, efficient communication. Having completed my training in April 2018, I have now integrated NLP into both my professional and personal life with huge impact. I highly recommend completing this training if you want to make your life easier!

Aisling O'Niell, PhD

I have just completed the NLP Practitioner Course with the Alphazone Training Academy, and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. Not only has it changed the way I look at life, it was highly enjoyable and fun. I’m already using what I’ve learned both professionally and personally. Michael’s commitment to helping people change their lives in every-way for the better is totally inspiring. If you want the best of training, then train with the very best

Lisa Morrissey

Now that I’ve received the excellent ‘NLP Practitioner Course Training’ from Michael and the Alphazone Training Academy, I feel well equipped to practice my NLP skills in all areas of my life. Indeed, I am already seeing, hearing, and feeling the magic of NLP.

Joan McDonald

Michael, and the team at Alphazone have given me the skills necessary to further develop myself in all aspects of life by seeing, hearing, and feeling myself in my different states. I now have gained my confidence back to help them achieve their goals thanks to the NLP techniques I have learned, so thank you all at Alphazone.

Maurice Flynn