NLP Training

Our Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Lingusitic Programming® Training is our signature training and is the perfect starting place for learning the models and skills of NLP that put you in control of how you think, behave and choose to live your life.

This is a Society of NLP Licensed Training in which you are taught and trained in the fundamental elements and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming® as set out by Richard Bandler the co creator of NLP.

The 8 day Licensed Practitioner of NLP® is a comprehensive training programme, offering an internationally recognized Society of NLP™ certificate.

NLP is built around communication, thinking skills, emotional intelligence and behavioural changes. The techniques are relevant to everyone and will be of benefit in every area of your life.

You will learn NLP the way it is meant to be taught, through installation in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, giving you plenty of time to practice and develop your skills.

Our next 8 Day NLP Training is taking place in Sept/ Oct 2019

Module 1 Sept  19th – 22nd
Module 2 Oct 17th – 20th

Investment €1600 – Early Bird €1400 ( if paid in full 6 weeks before training commences ) –

Deposit of € 500 secures your place to be sent in with your application form.

Contact us for an application form today

What you will learn.

Michael is a licensed trainer for over 10 years and his specialized NLP training style is carefully layered and structured to deliver the information in ways that raise your learning levels to new heights. You can expect to laugh a lot, be challenged a lot, to learn with ease all the while growing beyond expectation.

NLP Practitioner Syllabus

The  Training takes place between 09:15 – 17:00 every day over the 8 days. We ask that delegates arrive fifteen minutes earlier on the first day of both modules to help with registration.

Learning objectives:

During this course, delegates are taught to combine all the elements of NLP, and then shown how to apply them with skill and elegance. The course culminates in real-life application of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome their limited model of the world. ( friends and family are welcome for an afternoon to experience NLP for themselves )

By the end of the course you will be able to apply the new learning and skills you have acquired as a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® to whatever field of work you are in, whether that be human resources, education, sales, management, therapy, or business.

The Programme:   You Will Learn

The NLP presuppositions: Useful beliefs for the NLP Practitioner

Well formed outcomes: A method to identify and pursue well-formed and congruent outcomes

Rapport: How to bond with anyone in minutes

Sensory acuity: How to read others by observing sensory shifts

Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind.

Representation systems: How people build their internal maps

Eye patterns: How to read the representations people are accessing moment to moment

Sub modalities: Finer distinctions, which create meaning from our internal maps

Swish Patterns: Change habits and states and create new directions

Submodality belief changes: Use submodalities to change limiting beliefs

Strategies: Internal processes that drive complex behaviours. How different people make dedcisions, get motivated and perform any behaviour.

Modelling strategies: Install new powerful strategies for any new behaviour an individual or organisation wants to adopt

Anchoring: How we are programmed by external and internal stimuli and how we can set this up at will

Linguistic presuppositions: Learn to influence using elegant language structures. Be able to read people’s internal maps based on the presuppositions in their language

Milton Model: learn the art of elegant influence by using hypnotic language patterns

Meta Model: Get to the heart of distortions, generalisations, and deletions in language – unpacking someones model of the world

Reframing: elegantly create new meanings for problems and objections

Techniques – Learn the powerful transformative techniques of NLP to facilitate change in others

Do this 8 day training and life will never be the same again – you will have an insight into how you use your brain to create your reality – you will be able to steer your brain and life in new directions for more happiness and success 🙂

Module 1 Sept  19th – 22nd
Module 2 Oct 17th – 20th